They bought a bunch of super fireworks afternoon.


  They are placed in the trunk of the car deposit thin.
  Mu before flourishing not bought these things, t上海夜网hinking about the fireworks will be the best one or two hundred, two or three hundred such.
  So when she went to buy, know, poverty limit their imagination.
  Those days can suddenly pounced who saw fireworks, all five hundred up.
  Even the best, and even a 2000.
  Then look at these fireworks when Mu exuberant listen shopkeeper quotes are Routeng, originally wanted to buy twenty-three ordinary even, thin deposit refused.
  Not only buy more, but also to buy expensive.
  Thin save this person, usually spend watching very low-key, you can be flourishing at the time to buy things to admire, but never hesitate.
  Including the pink diamond few days ago to the flourishing of Mu.
  In fact, thin deposit, while not bad money, new drugs in the final stages of pre-IPO, need places to spend money very much, but he turned eight million dollars from his account abroad, took the sinking pink diamond.
  theyThe first Valentine’s Day, do not want to deposit thin too shabby to send a gift.
  Thin deposit on the fireworks one by one moved to the small square cells, which, there are already several people in the fireworks.
  Thin deposit to buy the most expensive kind of fireworks, a huge square box.
  Move over time, to understand the people around them – a good-looking!
  Quickly help him make room.
  Mu Qian Qian also stood two meters away from the fireworks, man holding incense lit by fireworks, the fireworks will lead the line of fire lit after a short walk around exuberant Mu.
  One second.
  Two seconds.

  She had sweet and sour pork ribs stretch of chopsticks back, quietly went to clip a piece of green vegetables.


  After only tears Wen Luqing back to a micro letter: Happy New Year, not fat QAQ.This action] girls, thin deposit even if she did not see the content of micro-channel mobile phones, has also been pretty close guess, the sweet and sour pork ribs clip bowl to bowl the girl, and said: “Do not worry, the evening will be consumed.”
  Mu exuberant:.It is no doubt the car.
  Although Mu thin deposit enlighten the exuberant in his own way, but she still pressure Alexander, did not dare to eat a few mouthfuls of meat.
  Two people to eat, they have little dumplings.
  Mu exuberant dumplings time, afraid of their own people have a coin with two ate dumplings, made a mark on specially.
  The two hidden coin dumplings were a special way.
  Once boiled dumplings, Mu exuberant one saw the two coins with dumplings, a first clip to deposit thin, and so a man eating out, but it pretended to clip another, the coin eating out.
  Girl put coins on the table, laughing good-looking, “Well, this year we will have good luck.”
  Thin deposit already seen that the two different dumplings.
  Girl piece of mind.
  How he was willing to expose?
  He nodded his head and mouth with a smile, a gentle say “ah” word.
  After dinner, two people sitting together on the couch watching New Year’s party.
  Obviously not to the twelve, was already out of the window can not wait to start fireworks.
  Colorful fireworks explode in the 广州桑拿网night sky.
  Very loud sound.
  Even closed the window, I did not quite clear TV sound.
  Moment, Mu exuberant do not want to read, simply pulled out of thin deposit fireworks.

  Gu Gu Zhenhua surprised to see sleep.


  Perfect expression goes face Su Bingqing management finally cracked cracks.
  How does she shocked?
  Let Gushao Tang into the company, which was originally her plans!
  She co北京风月会所uld see, just missing a chance Gushao Tang it, he was ambitious too talented, just give him a chance, he will be able to become an overnight success!
  And now, Gushao Tang got this opportunity, this opportunity is to care for his sleep, and one such way is.
  Su Bingqing can see that moment Gushao Tang’s eyes lit light.
  Su Shao Han completely dumbfounded.
  Totally did not expect to sleep care will come out of this, because in the previous, Su Bingqing once and she said, if you want to make Gushao Tang she had been distinguished, it would have to convince Gu Zhenhua, let him into the company, and now, she has no chance.
  She could not help but look around to stand Subing Qing Gu Zhenhua.
  Su Bingqing also just looked at her, eyes full of disappointment on her.
  Su Shao Han moment Ruzhui through the ice.
  Back Gu.
  Gu Gu Zhenhua called into sleep on study.
  ”You tell Dad, how you think?”Gu Zhenhua sitting on the sofa and asked Gu sleep.

  Mu exuberant eyes blinked a few times, but the men say what one second to react.


  At sunset, the evening of pink clo上海夜网uds coming through the window, sprinkled on the girl’s face.
  Another on the cheeks, a pair of apricot eye colors such as honey in general.
  With a bit shy nodded, “Well, today’s will be able to.”
  Will be able.
  ”Ah, we were refueling.”
  Then the man, mouth slightly evoke a gentle smile.
  This sentence, the exuberant Mu said more shy, hand, dip a bit next to the flour and put it on the man’s cheek, pouted and whispered: “I refueling, shut me something.”
  Having turned to go wash your hands.
  Night, dumplings package together two people.
  7:00, when a thin deposit has put a table and do the dishes.
  Mu exuberant look at a table, all right, just to Dongkuaizi.
  Micro-channel rings.
  She pulled out his cell phone, see above is from Wenlu Qing New Year “blessing”.
  Wen Luqing: Happy New Year to eat meat one o’clock coo深圳桑拿网l, lose weight crematorium, after the New Year more than three pounds of fat you dare, follow me to the gym!] Mu exuberant:???
  Usually Wen Luqing’d often remind her to eat less, do not gain weight, manage figure these things.
  Today may face a table of dishes, take a look at this message Wen Luqing.
  Mu exuberant suddenly felt like a full half.

  They have not seen the Soviet Union rain, to see her this hairstyle, which thought it was the daughter of servants.


  But this little girl’s life really juicy.
  ”Who is Master Lu Jia?”Amid all seriousness Su.
  ”Of course that is called the land of the cross.”Unsuspecting old servant, come clean,” You do not look now Su looked good, in fact, are secretly holes.Last year dismissed a lot of people.”
  Su rain forced nod.
  She knew, in the Zhou dynasty, the Soviet Union also once home because Zhuangzi no income, so the dismissal of some slaves.
  Even the children are sold several homes.
  Two old servant finished speaking, “Which of you is a child ah?”
  Su rain, said: “My name is Sue rain.”
  ”Hey, it looks like rain, my clothes confiscated.”
  ”Ah, I’m basking in the quilt of it.”
  In the bright morning light, rain, watched them leave the Soviet Union, then ran back to find his little pink bag.
  She pulls out a book from the inside.
  Sui Suinian after completion sit in front, long silence, spit out the words, “Man, your success caught my attention.”
  Carrying red bean porridge, just opened the door of the incoming cross-Lu:???
  The little girl looked down to look at a book, perseverance and continued: “Your Majesty, you have successfully attracted the attention of slavery.”Then, good little girl and consciously change.
  Ha杭州夜网论坛ve respect for the soul.
  She continued to turn, “You only weary.Well.Your Majesty, you only weary of goblins, take your slaves how to do that.Your mouth says no, the body is very honest.”
  Sue moaned rain, cool earth behind a body suddenly Tieshanglai.
  Lu cross with one hand pressing girl sweet shoulder, “solitary body, really honest.”
  Day and night she was thinking.



  Although only two people dinner, Mu exuberant and thin deposit from the afternoon began to prepare.
  Mu exuberant severe cooking is not kept thin, a package still dumpling.
  First deposit thin dumpling wrappers are done in time to pack, Mu exuberant from the bag and pulls out two coins, after cleaning, put the pot with boiling water carefully boiled ten minutes, remove and put it to use chopsticks in a 南宁桑拿bowl.
  Looked at the two men were boiled water, shiny coin somewhat puzzled: “This is.”
  ”Eat people a year will have good luck.”Mu exuberant smiling answer.
  Figure auspicious.
  Man nodded his head.
  These families generally have a small holiday habit, he did not know.
  When the child and his mother lived with almost no take over a section.
  A reunion of someone’s home when it is stored on the thin Good Friday.
  Later in the Bo family, large family did not rule cent festive j杭州桑拿oy.
  However, this is a thing of the past.
  Men’s eyes fell next to the earnest girl who stir dumplings.
  Beginning this year, his life will be a new life.
  Mu exuberant migraine.
  Men step forward, leaning over with thin lips gently stick a little girl’s forehead, just a moment lifted, Mouguang gentle water, asked her: “Tonight, we’ll try, OK?I will be more lightly.”
  Tone with something to please.

  She stammered hand back, I do not know is who you’re sulk, heart inexplicable panic on the block.


  ”Step aside!”Temper a little girl up and gave him a push, over who will be under the couch.
  Hatano followed her down to earth, no wave tone: “I just do not know how, and it feels like a dream to do, or am I just told you what to do?”
  Jiang Rou looking back at him, the little girl pink lip meat, or red, wipe with a mouth like butter.
  ”You really do not know?”Jiang Rou squinting, dubious.
  Another is mental illness, he did not attack here two or three years, and all of a sudden relapse unreasonable, but also did not find any source of irritation.
  Hatano avert his gaze, he said sullenly: “I do not know.”
  Jiang Rou heart sneer, but suddenly out of the surface light melancholy: “You just told me that in the future you marry a man and a woman two flat wife, the house also three wives four concubines, male and female half-doped!”
  ”impossible!”Qin Ye think about it, a direct denial.
  Jiang Rou anger, put the foot on the leg kick him: “Dog chiefs, said do not know, you just continue to install ah?”
  The little girl was furious, even the little face all flushed.
  To that point accounted for cheap, big brother can really breath, even with such means are out of.
  Hatano rubbed his nose, eyes flashing: “Keke, I is not worried about what you’r上海夜网e angry Rourou?”
  Jiang Rou gas laughed: “I’m not angry?”
  Gangster helpless, who had approached the rope arms, let her chaotic unrest kick people: “Well, Mo angry, I let you bite back.”
  ”Oh,” Jiang Rou cold laugh, “ya!”

  People send things to yourself, Mu exuberant embarrassed Tucao only mildly said: [I have a laptop at home, in fact, can also be used.] Mu exuberant send the message in the past, micro-letter names plume above the sink immediately become: the other side is talking.


  After thirty seconds a voice sent me.
  Su Yu: “Not as good as bad?2080TI my computer graphics, 144hz display, now available in the game can play, and how to play th广州桑拿网e game notebook?Playing with a laptop computer games have no soul!!!”
  Mu exuberant: [???]
  Su Yu: “Anyway, you break the New Year right, someday you have time, I’ll take you to play games ah, you get free time on the variety of the pit too, someone sprayed you, what you have will not give me a remote assistance ,I teach you.”
  Mu exuberant: [.Thank you.]
  Su Yu so enthusiastic, exuberant Mu really have nothing to say.
  This thin deposit has the word blessing door couplets and had finished, look at the past from the door, already have New Year’s spirit.
  The thin deposit on the hands and scissors tape at the entrance door, bent the computer display box and moved den.
  Mu also flourishing with the inside.
  Yu just behind the sink is to say with voice, a thin deposit heard clearly, helping direct the Mu computer equipment exuberant.
  Mu 6 is very exuberant, computer operation system will be installed, it will solve some small problems, but from the front through the book, she used all notebooks, desktops never used.
  The thin deposit with good power monitor and computer, keyboard headphones installed again, press the power button host.
  That cool black and red flashing lights host, the host side is transparent there, inside the transparent liquid flow pi北京夜网pes.
  Coupled with the effect of light, extremely cool.
  Mu flourishing looking stunned: “There.have water?”
  ”Ah, this is water cooled.”Explains deposit thin, after flourishing Mu asked,” Do you want to try it?”
  ”.Well, Su Yu and other day called me to say it.”
  PC-to-Mu flourishing, is to brush drama, view the page’s view.
  Today is New Year’s Eve, she has no interest in the study of computer.

  Star-left, then stuck it back, thought and thought, anyway, baby daughter have seen Azusa according to Song, he said: “Well, what is that place, I look.”


  Jiang Mian refreshing to address to Fearless father, and said a few words, and the two before the end of the call, looked back for a break on Lu stunned face, she snapped: “Checkout.”And then drift away.
  Lu knot finishing up a break in a hurry to catch Jiang Mian: “sister school, keep your father come with us ah.”
  ”have opinions?”
  Lu is a little less willing to break: “This.”
  His purpose is to see girls like, what adults off with an adult Which will lead to trouble.
  Jiang Mian looked at him, he simply said: “My father is a priest.”
  Lu Hugh jaw dropped: “???”
  Star-had left her daughter’s baby, “Sheng Yu”, the excitement of his own equipment turned out, these days life to characters who set up the patient, he was wearing a hospital gown in.
  Well baby daughter to pick up from school, he intends to change into normal clothes, but he was not normal clothes in the hospital, even his clothes in front of her daughter’s bedroom home.
  After the Silver Fox embarrassed that his own money to buy him clothes normal body.
  The results left Star-just a put, its breaking several automatic clothes thread go, hand wash clothes can hang back a large bad, a set of new clothes, but half an hour it becomes tattered, silver fox look amazing.
  No way, these days he’s been too “rich” the.
  Left Star-resigned in tattered clothes coat yellow robes, the nurses took him some paper, cut a small stack of paper people – in a prohibited place, his little people have run out of paper.
  He put together carry the silver fox out of the hospital, looking almost nearly an hour to find a very old bicycle sharing.
  He did not dare share with electric cars.
  I found a plastic bag stuffed inside the silver fox’s head hanging in the car, left Star-rush away towards stepping on bicycle Film Academy.
  Encountered traffic lights, attracted a lot of attention modeling his comment, there is a riding electric car, put a box in front of the dog, whimpering sob called directed at the Silver Fox.
  Regiment in a plastic bag of silver fox: “.”
  Damn, an ordinary dog better than he had.
  Left Star-three and a half hour ride to film school, he北京桑拿 was at the time, agreed and baby daughter in half an hour, he knew the baby daughter is now a star, not at the door.
  He found a relatively inconspicuous trail around, then took a mapJiang Mian sheet issued.

Chapter 67


  February 4 morning.
  Mu flourishing still in bed, began to sensational firecrackers outside.
  Thin deposit home is mid-range area, are the high-level, and more particularly inside the household, the sound of firecrackers after another.
  Mu Qian Qian put his head into the yard, rolling around in bed, they are unable to stop the sound of firecrackers, and finally just give up the struggle.
  Get up.
  New Year’s morning weather is particularly good.
  After breakfast, go out to deposit a thin paste them would have bought a couplet.
  Just po杭州夜网论坛sted a half floor elevator door opened.
  Express a little brother holding two two small boxes come in four, looked thin deposit home house number, the four boxes placed directly on the ground, said: “Express, sign it.”
  Then, from the box on the express orders to tear down, and gave Mu exuberant, she waved her signature.
  On the express orders, did write address is the home address of a thin deposit.
  Just sender.
  Mu exuberant: “Su Yu?”
  The sender wrote two characters: Su Yu.
  Followed by a telephone number.
  Mu flourishing suddenly thought, that day annual meeting of the Su Yu said to send her a computer, she would have thought that talking about it, really did not expect to send a plume places?!
  Big New Year’s, things are sent, Mu exuberant no recourse but to be signed.
  She stood in the doorway, she is preparing to sink feather hair WeChat micro-channel on the other side of starting over: [I am suggesting that you sign up!How to read it open?This is the latest computer!] Mu exuberant:.
  She loaded the host computer carton opened a mouth, which looked dark red, cool style mainframe computer, his face black line.