Talk about it,The brawny all got on the car,Wang Xiaopang winked at the roadside,Quickly reversed and left。

Wang Xiaopang gave a thumbs up silently in his heart,I think Yao’s bald head really saves face,Just send a few brothers to this kind of thing, Actually went to battle by himself,The front window glass of that car just now was broken by a water pipe from Boss Yao Yao.。
Yao Baldou’s gang are all old oily people,Know the quick fight,The importance of never procrastinating。
So they don’t even say hello,After smashing the car, it will flash people,Even if the other party calls the police, it’s too late。And their license plates are posted on the front and back“Happy wedding”Scarlet letter,Don’t worry about being remembered。
really,Boss Yao and his car only exited the alley,Aunt Zhan’s family has chased out loudly。
“Which goddamn it!Smashed my car!Call the police,Call the police soon!”Aunt Zhan sat down in front of the car,Crying,Terrible。
Her fat daughter also chased out with a mop,Looks aggressive,A pair of bull’s eyes are staring round,It’s a pity that the neighbours know their idiots,Typical sorrow,Why didn’t people come out when they smashed the car??
but,The most stable is her southern son-in-law,I haven’t seen anyone until now,As if it was not your own car that was smashed。
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text Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Four A good person is safe
? Lu Menglin and the child only stayed at the police station for less than 20 minutes,I talked with the police comrades casually and was sent out。
After all, the police in this area all know what the mother and daughter are.,It’s just a routine,Casually asked a few words,I learned that Lu Menglin was just a high school student,And it’s the capital that just arrived this morning,Naturally, he will never believe that he has anything to do with the theft。
Waiting for the two children to leave,The district police station received a call from the district leader,Ask them if they deducted two kids just now,Want them to let go,The two policemen who were so scared to take notes quickly explained,He said that someone made a real-name report to bring people back,I asked a few words and let go。
Just hung up here,The police station received another call,When I asked, it was the call from Aunt Zhan,This time, someone smashed their car,Let the police station send someone over immediately。
This call immediately angered the two policemen,We are the police,It’s not your family,Call back and forth this afternoon,It’s a game!
The police comrades are emotional,The speed of the police can only follow the normal procedures.,Regardless of that Aunt Zhan made three urging calls in a row,But they still work in the office,It’s important to deal with the notes first。