In fact,You overestimate the annual salary of these professional managers and their loyalty to the company。

What is a professional manager?
So-called professional managers,To put it bluntly, the boss asked to help,Not only work、Help the boss make money,If necessary, help the boss take the blame,Even help go to jail in special circumstances……Whether active or passive。
For this,Whether it’s a boss or a professional manager, everyone knows it well:The ghost knows when the cover of a big company problem was lifted by a bastard,Then I had to help the boss fight thunder。
in other words,The professional loyalty of professional managers hired by a company is actually very limited,Usually it is only worth two or three times the annual salary given by the company,Once beyond this limit,Professional managers who sell company secrets are really not the only problem,It’s just that no company is willing to pay such a high price to buy professional managers from rival companies.。
And for Robert Schneider,Chen Geng promised this2%Not only does his shares mean that he is unlikely to have any impact on the company’s production and operations、Minority shareholders who can only pay dividends at the end of the year, but this in disguise shows the sincerity of Mr. Fernandez Chen:If he gives himself more shares,That actually means that he didn’t plan to give himself that much,Maybe you will be unloaded to kill the donkey, which means that this company is facing annual sales.150The annual profit of factories in the 10,000 passenger car market can be at least tens of millions of dollars a year,and2%The dividend right means that I can get at least four to five million dollars in dividends every year。
For Robert Schneider,This dividend amount is really enough,With these four to five million dollars and more every year,Don’t say let yourself live a good life,Even if I lose my position as President of Bosch Automotive Parts,That’s worth it。
As for how to ensure that the issue of holding shares is not discovered by the Bosch Group……Like what Fernandez Chen said,As long as Mr. Fernandez Chen is willing to cooperate,He does have countless ways to keep the Bosch Group’s board of directors unaware of this。
“Yes,I……May be able to think of some solutions……”
Robert Schneider said with difficulty。
Robert Schneider actually knew,At the moment when I speak,I already bowed my head to Fernandez Chen,But he didn’t feel ashamed,Rather justified:Net income of four to five million dollars per year,It’s you,Are you willing to give up?
“well,”Chen Geng slapped happily:“So Mr. Schneider,look,We can still find a lot in common……”