When Chen Xiu didn’t know how to answer,,Tang Yuanyuan is the first to say:“correct,His auction house was opened in partnership with the grandson of Grandpa’s old comrade Gong Lao。”

“Oh,Start your own business。Young people should take their own initiative,Not bad……”
Tang De nodded in satisfaction,I’m about to praise,You Bo had another dry cough,Tang De is a language change,“What is the revenue of self-employed for a year,How much your personal assets?”
“This one……do not know。”
The account book of the antique shop has always been handed over to the white shopkeeper.,I’ve been outside all this time and haven’t asked;As for the profit of the auction house,palace
468 Bank robbery
The manager pulled up the business card and took a look,I quickly stood up,Apologized:“Miss Shen,Sorry。please sit down!”
The thin man pulled out the stool,Chubby Miss Shen sat down on her hip,I want to lift Erlang’s legs,Unfortunately the legs are too thick,How can I not hook up?。
“Can I handle my business now?!”
“can,of course can!”
Chen Xiu frowned,Said very displeased:“manager,It’s my turn to queue。”
“I’m so sorry。This gentleman,Can you wait for the next round!”
The manager said sorry,But there is no tone of apology。
Now Chen Xiu is even more angry,
469 Ye Dahai