How can the elderly live longevity?

How can the elderly live longevity?

How to do the diet regularly pay attention to the rhythm of diet: eat every day, do not have the last meal, so that the stomach can know when to work when the rest, the movement of the stomach is more likely to have rhythm, foodIn order to better digestion.

Eat less and eat more meals: eat less each meal, half full, just eat when you are hungry, but not eating, supplemented food should be easy to digest, the amount of control should be much, otherwise it will affect the rhythm of the digestive systemSex, it won’t digest when you actually eat.

Add more water: The meal is prepared with at least one hot dish every day, which can help the elderly to replenish moisture and also promote digestion.

However, drink less water within two hours after a meal, otherwise the digestive juice will be digested repeatedly, causing indigestion.

Exercise after a meal: Do not lie down and sleep immediately after a meal, or sit and work, but first keep your body aligned, walk, or the old saying, after a meal, you can live ninety-nine.

However, exercise can not be carried out after a meal, because the gradual movement of the digestive system stops working, but the digestion is not good.

Avoid overeating: the elderly have digestive dysfunction, can not afford tossing such as overeating, continuous overeating can cause gastrointestinal diseases.

A good way to prevent yourself from overeating is to slowly chew and prolong your time of eating, so that your digestive system will feel full if you don’t eat much.

Mainly easy to digest food: what food is easy to digest, generally easy to digest food has several characteristics: soft, cooked, loose, light, and watery.

For example, fried yellow light is better to digest than raw cucumber, and it is the truth for the elderly to eat cooked food as much as possible.

Pay attention to the proportion of nutrition: rice, noodle type of food is often referred to as dry food, they are sugar-dispersed, so it is easy to cause obesity, the elderly have a high risk of obesity, so generally we say that old and thin is a blessing.

Eat less food and carbohydrates, eat more leafy foods such as fiber supplements, and add protein foods.

There is a standard that the elderly need to supplement 100g of lean meat a day to meet the demand for protein. Of course, it is not that the elderly should eat meat every day. Many foods can supplement protein, such as milk.