“Have,In the box。”

Lin Yoona decisively lost her sniper,Picked up the neighbor’s brother98K,Put on8Magnification,Complete accessories98kIn Lin Yuner’s hand, it’s like Hou Yi’s arrow,Swish and blow the opposite head。
The neighbor brother didn’t expect,Lin Yoona, who was afraid of climbing trees back then, could kill people mercilessly in the game without blinking。
It’s terrible。
They are lucky,In the circle of fate,Only the last3Personal time,The phone in Lin Yoona’s backpack rang。
She asked the neighbor’s brother to help her take out her cell phone to see who called,Just hang up if it doesn’t matter。
The neighbour brother looked at the electric display,Persuaded。
Lin Yuner shook her hands in fright,The bullet missed,Exposed one’s position,A hand**Ended my life。
She quickly took off her headset and rushed out of the Internet cafe to answer the phone。
Xiao Fan’s voice is always calm,But Yoona knew he was in a bad mood,Very badass attitude:“Mr. Xiao,Are you looking for me??”
“where are you?”
Lin Yuna glanced at the sky,No change in color:“Oh,I’m reading literature in the dormitory。
“Then tell me,What literature grows in the sky?”
Lin Yuner’s eyes immediately received the message and looked around,Sure enough, I saw Mr. Xiao in a white shirt not far away,Among a group of students,He is particularly eye-catching,Tall,Wearing a white shirt,Live like Teacher Xiao from Qiong Yao’s drama。
“Mr. Xiao,What a coincidence,You come to the Internet cafe to eat chicken?Row together?”
“Lin Yuna。”Xiao Fan took out what Lin Yuner gave him before going to the Internet cafeUplate,Pink Piggy Paige,It’s a match for Lin Yoona,“Your feelings after reading,Did you copy it from the composition of which high school student??”
Lin Yoona admits that her writing level is really not very good,But her level as a graduate student is definitely better than a group of high school students who have no hair,So she was very unconvinced with such preaching:“Mr. Xiao,Please don’t say that to your most beloved wife,My care will be pierced by your sharp words like the tip of a knife。”
“She has a literary talent when she is sophistry。”