“Very simple,Do you want to find a tiger??

I tell you where he is,But the premise is that you are coming to me when I am the bodyguard.,Or I have encountered trouble,You have to come over and help me in the first time.,Of course, if you are other people come to me trouble.,I won’t find you,How about it?”
“Hey-hey,never mind,I believe that I will find him tonight.,Even if you can’t find it,He will also find me himself.,His so many shops,As long as you come out for a minute,May be his loss。”
Li Hui said that I still kicked a little mix in front of the front of the front.。
“I have an inch.,You have not injured it.,Hurry and give me one side,Otherwise, you can break the ribs next foot.。”
really,I heard Li Hui’s words,The little blend immediately got up and ran to the side。
And Li Hui is also directly on the bus.,Ready to let Hu Shulin look at the next family。
“handsome guy,I suggest you listen to my sister.,Because Wang Laohu is not here tonight,If you can’t find it tonight?,His revenge is not what you can bear.,And I am not guy with Wang Tiger.,Although thisKTVNominal is his,But actually is mine,And I also have a hatred with him.。”
“How about it?
Do you want us to cooperate??”
These words,Li speaks with the wind and does not believe it.。
“Hey-hey,You have a hatred?
I don’t believe this.,If you take me to find Wang Tiger,I believe you,And I don’t give you a bodyguard,Trouble, don’t solve it,But I can solve the Wang Tiger for you.,If you have a force,Strength,Can use your people to collect Wang Tiger,How about it?
This is more rich than your presented conditions.。”
Wanhong did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually put forward such conditions.,But if Li Hui is really solving the king tiger,She really has a chance to prepare some of the other sources in advance.。
But hesitated,She also laughed.。
“never mind,Even if you swallow,I can’t hold a woman.。”
“Hey-hey,If you don’t want to make a big strength,What is the hope of people around you?,That’s a terrible thing.,At that time, the people around you are differentiated.,You are not afraid of youKTVAlso protect?”
Chapter 675 Exhibition Hall
Li Hui’s words gave a alarm to Wanhong。
“Since you know so much,Why don’t you do it??”
“Hey-hey,I have something you have to do.,As for the road you walk, I will not go,But the same, you can’t interrupted my road.,Once I am inserted, I will not be in love.。”
Wanhong listened to Li Hui Feng,Directly exhale:“Row,I promise you.,Waiting for me for half an hour,I will take you to find him.。”
immediately,Wanthong is also called a few people.,Then let the other party deployed,Waiting for her news。
These people are the husband of her husband.,Completely trustworthy。
After planning the plan,Wanhong directly stepped on the high-heeled Pickha’s pickup。
Wanhong,Hu Shin feels that the heart is coming out soon.。
Especially the good scent,Let him feel that this life has not heard,Slightly swept a little,The two snow-white thighs are tightly attached to Li Huiqi,He suddenly envied his own boss.。
“Let it go,Open forward,Di Ho in the county center。”
I heard this,Hu Shin is also ready to go in the county center.。