Chronic Game novel author publishes prequel, will answer long-term game origin question

“Chronic Game” novel author publishes prequel, will answer long-term game origin question
According to foreign media reports on May 23, the author of the trilogy “Obese Games” Susan Collins published the prequel “Song of Songs and Snakes” on May 19, this book is probably a “terrible game”Before the story of the sixty-fourth year.From the perspective of the “villain” President Snow in the trilogy, notice how he got to this stage today, which is also the origin story of obesity games.The book is currently planned for film and television, and is expected to be released in 2022.The film still of the third of the trilogy of “Newborn Game”, the picture shows President Snow.In this 500-page prequel novel, author Collins outlines the background story of the Snow family, from a member of the elite Congress to losing family, wealth and part due to war . This prequel answers some questions, yesWho initiated the chronic game?This activity was created to keep everyone fresh in the memory of the war, and people worry that forgetting will lead to complacency.Why is it called a kidney game?Because the rebels used drought as a means of struggle during the war and led to the killing of others, the new regime hopes everyone will remember.The two songs that Katwins played by Jennifer Lawrence sang in the movie, “The Hanging Tree” and “Deep in the Meadow”, were written by Lucy who participated in the ten-year competition. The formerIt was the tree where she met her predecessor; it seemed to be written to Snow.On April 22, 2020, according to foreign media reports, Lionsgate Films announced that it has started to operate the prequel movie “The Hunger Games”.The film will be directed by Francis Lawrence, director of “Drought Game 2” and “Obese Game 3”, and the second screenwriter Michael Arnt and the original author Susan Collins will return to write the script.Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Longzhen Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreader Zhai Yongjun