“That kid really can do it,This is a beauty,I don’t know Lianxiangxiyu。”

Qin Feng counted down Li Yi’s strength。
Ten minutes later,Qin Feng stopped,Now it takes time to rest,There should be no problem for now。But want to wake up,But not so fast。
“Also good,I’ll go buy some medicine now。”Qin Feng knows,If Xiaoqing’s injury doesn’t want to leave any scars,That definitely requires drugs,That girl doesn’t want to be perfect on her own?
If it leaves a scar,I guess this chick will wake up to find herself desperately!
But at this moment, if Xiaoqing is alone here, I don’t feel relieved,If someone comes in,That Xiaoqing is not to be slaughtered?But if you move,Will pull the wound again。
“Hey,Have……”Qinfeng operating internal force,Hands start to seal。
This is the sealing technique of Liuli City。
Not very functional,But it can hide the breath,And if someone touched,Will also play a defensive role,More importantly,Qin Feng will know。
The suitcase is also sealed。
But Qin Feng didn’t buy medicine right away,But go to the next door。
“Yin Yin,I’m busy now,Need to go out once。Tell you,Simultaneously,Borrow your car。”
Qin Feng saw Yang Yinyin in the living room,I can’t help but keep my eyes,It is said that a woman who has taken a bath is like a lotus in the water,
This sentence is true!
“what。”Yang Yinyin didn’t slow down,Be shocked,Why suddenly a shadow appeared?