right now,Someone actually wants to buy it for two hundred yuan,For her,Good news。Just those few yuan,Close to five hundred yuan,Just let her return today,Great harvest。If I sell this silver coin,Today’s income almost reaches 1,000 yuan。

When she was about to agree,There was a voice not far away。
“Hold on,Can i see it?”
Sister Lan turned her head and took a look,A few young people,She nodded subconsciously。
“Hey!Sell or not?I’ll leave without selling it!”Middle-aged people become impatient。
In fact,I heard the words of Hu Yang,He has started to feel a little uneasy,So retreat。Not for two hundred yuan now,Maybe no one wants me to leave,and so,Hurry up and take away two hundred yuan!
Sister Lan panicked slightly,I’m really afraid that the two hundred yuan will fly。
Just about to speak,Hu Yang preempted to speak again:“Two hundred??I can also come out,Go as you go,Don’t worry, sister。”
Hear this,Undoubtedly give Sister Lan a reassurance。
The middle-aged man glared fiercely at Cheng Yaojin who was halfway through.,Then increase the price:“three hundred。”
Didn’t you say you are leaving?What money to add?and,That expression,A bit of a panic,Can see,Care about that silver coin。
Sister Lan is not stupid,See this situation,Understand naturally,The silver coin I found,Should be very valuable。then,She calmed down,Silently took back his silver coin。
“Can i see it first?”Hu Yang asked again。
Sister Lan immediately passed the silver coin,One more person to compete,For her,All good。
“three hundred fifty!”Middle-aged man gritted his teeth,Added another fifty yuan。