Just listen to Zhao Sixteen with a smile:“I’m not urinating anyway, I also urinate standing up”

“Just your virtue,I think you might as well squat and pee。You speak!What do you want to do?A man must dare to act,Don’t think you will become the king of the mountain with a group of people,This can only show that it is too naive”Guo Meili reluctantly scolded the guy opposite。
Zhao Sixteen snorted coldly:“If you didn’t marry me, you brought up a wild man?Shameless,Our generation has never seen a shameless woman like you。No wonder everyone in the village talks,Say you can make money these years because you have a showy look,It seems that this is still true”
“Fuck your mother!Lao Niang Sao Bu Sao has something to do with you,As for not marrying you,You don’t take a pee photo,Over 30 people,Every day except for fights,What else do you have?I marry you and drink northwest wind every day!”Guo Meili was so angry。
It’s the first time Xia Jian saw her so good,It’s almost comparable to the shrews in the countryside。
Zhao Sixteen was scolded by Guo Meili for a while without words,He ran wildly in a hurry:“I broke the glass by myself,What can you do?Lao Tzu is not happy to beat up your adulterers together,Don’t believe it, try”
Zhao Sixteen is indeed too arrogant,The few words after him really annoyed Guo Meili,Just listen to her yelling:“Fuck”The voice has not fallen,The wooden club in his hand struck Zhao Sixteen with his head and face。
Xia Jian has a look,Hurried out。he knows,Don’t watch Guo Meili seize the opportunity,But if you really start,She is not Zhao Sixteen’s opponent at all。
as expected,I saw Zhao Sixteen gently hiding,Just avoided the stick in Guo Meili’s hand,Then swipe your right hand,The stick in Guo Meili’s hand somehow got into his hand。
When Zhao Sixteen was arrogantly about to laugh,Xia Jian leaped forward,Soaring into the air,Both feet have fallen out。Zhao Sixteen is in desperation,Hurriedly flashed,Avoiding Xia Jian’s right foot,But the left foot didn’t escape。This foot is just on his left shoulder。
Just hear this guy scream,The whole person banged for four or five steps,Then stopped。Which of his subordinates Jane was really stunned,Xia Jian just made this move,They have only seen it in movies。
Xia Jian reached out and pushed Guo Meili back a few steps,Then speak loudly:“Let’s go together!I want you to know that there is a price to be paid for being crazy”
Zhao Sixteen laughed and said:“I thought you would play with women,I didn’t expect my skills to be good。But you hit me today,Then you should be unlucky。If you lose your hand for a while and kill you,It’s not bad to bury it here,Green mountains and green waters,I can hear this at night*Called”
Don’t look at Zhao Sixteen as five big and three thick,And quite deliberate,He was deliberately angering Xia Jian。It seems that this guy is still a master at fighting。
Guo Meimei listened to Zhao Sixteenth’s viciousness,She is inevitably scared。Xia Jian’s identity is special,In case something happens,She can’t explain it to others。
“All right!I don’t want to compete with this animal”Guo Meili said,Reach out and go to La Xiajian。
Zhao Shilu was scared when he saw Guo Meili,Can’t help but ecstasy,He deliberately laughed:“how?I can’t stand it for a while!Don’t worry, the night is still growing!”
Zhao Sixteen’s voice fell off,Which group of people following him couldn’t help laughing。Made Guo Meili extremely embarrassed,Fortunately, under the moonlight,Otherwise, you can see her flushed。
Xia Jian threw away Guo Meili’s hand and said:“You leave it alone,let me see,Who is lying here?”