The nine seasons of skin care are eliminated during the season

The nine seasons of skin care are eliminated during the season

Autumn is dry, and common skin problems have raised alarms. Only when you are prepared for protection can you be safe.

Let ‘s learn how to solve 9 common skin problems and enjoy the romance of this season.


Youguang has been looking for the door when the summer and autumn alternate, the humidity in the air gradually decreases, the temperature difference between day and night widens, and the sebum secretion of the skin decreases.

On the surface, oily skin is no longer desperately oily, which makes people feel refreshed, but dry skin is prone to itching and discomfort at this time.

In fact, no matter if you have a certain type of skin, “dehydration” is an embryo that must be faced, and “washing the face” is the beginning of retaining skin moisture.

  Solution: Choose a medium, weakly acidic or amino moisturizing facial cleansing product to wash out a good complexion, and end the washing action within 30 seconds.

Cold water has the best cleaning effect, because hot water temperature will strengthen the cleaning effect, but it will cause excessive expansion of microvessels on sensitive face skin, causing skin tension and discomfort.

In fact, the skin itself has the ability to recover naturally. Repeated or excessive cleaning power is too many, which not only destroys the sebum protection function, but also unbalances the water supply, and of course the skin is unpleasant.


It is very important to use skin care products as if you want to keep your skin shiny.

When the skin’s metabolism is normal, old keratin can automatically take out garbage, and the cuticle can be separated beautifully and neatly, showing a smooth and smooth face.

Basically, the metabolism of the skin has an absolute relationship with age. Before the age of 60, your metabolic cycle is about 1 month. After the age of 60, it is stretched to 45 days. Maintain this layer of horny well.far.

  Preventive measures: Do not exfoliate too much, and the temperature will gradually decrease in autumn. However, the key to affecting the skin state is actually the change in humidity. Frequent exfoliation will only cause skin damage and destroy the self-protection function.

At the same time, once the skin becomes too thin, foreign substances are more likely to invade, which is more detrimental to the skin.

If you do a skin peel at this time, you will find that you can accept the 1% concentration before, but now you feel itchy.

Therefore, exfoliating skin is usually enough once every 1-2 weeks, and sensitive skin should be careful to avoid coarse particles.


Peripheral problems. The colon is always the most sensitive area of the bladder. The thickness is 1/20 of that of other skins. The distribution of sebaceous glands is also very small. It is naturally prone to dryness and fine lines.

Due to its severely fragile structure, it is often sensitive to external stimuli, so care must be taken during seasonal changes to prevent small rashes, granulations, or excessively refreshing indigestion, which may cause fine lines to crawl out.

  Reason: Moisture in the eyes, moisture is more meticulous, and it faces more dry autumn. It often spends time in air-conditioned rooms. First, it is necessary to replenish water in a timely manner every day, causing metabolism of the body and skin, allowing the old waste materials to be smoothly discharged and avoiding accumulation in theBags or dark circles around the eyes.

During maintenance, according to the skin condition at the time, gel or cream with finger massage is used to promote circulation. Some eye care products containing fruit acid can accelerate the removal of old cuticles, make the eye area brighter and richer.Moisture wins?

The ingredients stimulate collagen regeneration and help younger and brighter eyes in autumn.


The dry cracked fine lines come to the autumn tiger’s high temperature and hot. Some people often think that time is still in the summer, and the maintenance content is still the same.

In fact, as long as you are careful, you can detect that the temperature difference is gradually increasing in the morning and evening, your face is a bit dry, and it feels itchy and tight, and it suddenly runs out of several fine lines, becomes rough, lacks gloss, and is not even like makeup, orIs easy to remove makeup.

This time is the time to change the skin care products and let the moisturizer enter the face.

  Countermeasure: moisturizing, follow the feeling into the autumn, the skin often appears a little dry, a little stretch of discomfort after washing the face.

At this time, do n’t rush to wipe up the moisturizing product. According to the skin structure, it is found that with each person’s skin condition, the ratio of oil content to moisture will be different. Adjust the skin in the “oil-water balance”Sexuality is the most comfortable skin feeling.

Therefore, if you have oily skin, you may wish to choose an oil-in-water moisturizer with more moisture than oil to adjust the skin texture to a near-neutral skin texture so that the skin has a refreshing feeling.

If you have dry skin, it is best to add a lotion or cream after using moisturizing products to let multiple moisturizing water-in-oil formulations moisturize the skin and reduce the feeling of dryness and tightness.


The skin is still tanned and fermented by the greenhouse effect, the skin’s awareness of protection is growing, but this does not mean that your protective measures are not leaking.

For example: Although dermatologists correct that sunscreen needs to absorb enough thickness to protect you from UV rays, in fact, most people still only go out with a thin layer or add powder for afterwardsLayer of safety barrier, but never actively rubbing, so, of course, sunscreen does not show no effect, and the skin is also sunburn and tan.

  Prevention: Sun protection, the first to protect against autumn tigers, can be said to be the beginning of whitening.

After the UV strike in the summer, in the fall, the sunscreen must still be ready to go.

Dermatologists recommend that a sun protection factor of 15 or higher, and the more PA + values the better, which is enough to protect you.

In case your skin is more sensitive, it is best to choose a full physical sunscreen. If your skin is well adapted or the skin is oily, it does not prevent the selection of chemical and physical sunscreens. Many creams even contain pearl luster.Factor, play the effect of concealer and brighten in time, make your face more beautiful.
The skin is so dull After a summer hot roast, the best way to turn the skin from black to white is to take a break, let the accumulated melanin slowly recede, and take advantage of this opportunity to take good care of the skin, metabolic spots or uneven skin tone.
Many people think that after the summer, their skin will be fine. In fact, in the autumn when the sun is shining, it is easier to tan. If coupled with lack of moisture, it is easier to have a dull face.

  Reason: Whitening, taking a break and then starting whitening can not be interrupted homework throughout the year, so that you can maintain a translucent and beautiful look anytime, anywhere, and in the fall immediately after summer, it is very suitable for whitening repair.

However, nowadays, some whitening products contain anti-aging and anti-oxidation functions, and some have the added value of reducing pores. Many people desperately wipe all the skin care products to wear, but repeat too much. Waste of money can not increase the income.Pick what you need, let whitening cover more maintenance content, and work together to restore the skin’s original color.


The skin is red in the city. The damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin is often accumulated little by little. After you discover that the skin is already half dark, the effect of climate change, and often steal the moisture of the face at the same time.I’m surprised how rough my skin is recently.

In the dermatology department, people often go out to work under the strong sun and high sunlight at noon, with a red and shy face, ride a bicycle or surf from the beach, come back from a boat, and report with a sore skin.

  Reason: Skin Care 911 quickly cools the skin with ice or cold water, or directly sprays the skin with cool mineral water and deep ocean water, which is only the first step and the most important step to rescue the skin.Depending on the situation, you can apply an emergency-type mask to the skin to make it transparent and refreshing, rich in anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients, and soothing the symptoms of sensitive itching.

And the maintenance baseline, it is necessary to obtain the expected continuous effect of maintenance, can give the greatest benefits in the shortest time, is the outstanding first aid maintenance kingship.


The skin is not energetic and sleeps for a beauty sensation, and the skin can be glamorously reappeared the next day. Although it is a cliché, there are few people who can do it. The main reason is the busy and stressful life of modern people.Maintenance time (10 pm to 2 am), it is difficult to have a good physique.

Coupled with the damage of the summer, the skin is certainly vulnerable in the fall, with large pores, greasy and dehydrated, and even spots and fine lines.

  Reason: At night, why not repair beautiful energy? Slow down the pace of life along the lazy autumn. By reducing emotional strain, and reducing excessive oily skin, avoid the chance of acne growth, and the face is no longer dull.

Or, at least before going to sleep at night, say good night to the skin with a serious attitude of care. A bottle of night cream or mask that can accompany the skin is a choice for beauty and rebirth.

Among them, whitening complexes designed for sleep, moisturizing and hydrating mechanism, improving dull fine lines, and stimulating elastic new ingredients are all indispensable elements for rebuilding healthy skin, from the inside to the outside, to illuminate the skin’s light for one seasonMining.


The pore spots cannot be covered. Don’t think that the autumn sun will affect the maintenance effect, and let the skin retreat to the winter maintenance work.

In fact, after one season, especially in summer, the quality of the old waste horns accumulated on the skin is quite amazing. If your skin is relatively oily and not a hard-working person, it is just like a garbage dump, but it has no burying function. YourDull and rough and pore spots will be unsightly and relatively dazzling.

  Reason: For skin rejuvenation, take a season as the basis now, especially when you look at your skin when the seasons change, to clean it thoroughly.

With a little more budget, you can try dermatological medical beauty treatments, and those who want to save the budget, they can maintain themselves by changing their skin at home. They are designed with safety considerations in terms of ingredients and concentrations, and they are very simple and convenient to use.After polishing, the skin was renewed, and then it broke through the subsequent autumn maintenance.