Chapter One Hundred and Forty Two Misleading of TV series(Fourth more,Ask for monthly pass)
At last,I also asked Hua experts to talk about the background of Ru Kiln,Is a necessary program for this show,After all, this show is to promote traditional culture。
But Hua Shixiong pushed out Populus:“Xiao Hu,Tell everyone。”
Populus is not stage fright,Explain generously,This interpretation,He didn’t know how much he said during the live broadcast,So utterly,Very logical。
He told everyone,Currently Ru Kiln works are rare,Even in ancient times,Also known as a god,Not to mention later,Almost ten or twenty years,To have one piece flow into the auction market,So once it appears,Will surely cause a rush,The sky-high price of more than two billion,That’s how it came。
Song、yuan、Bright、Since Qing Dynasty,Palace Ru Porcelain,Neiku Collection,Treasure、Comparing with Shang Yi Zhou Ding。
This too“Even if you have wealth,Not as good as a piece of Ru porcelain”This old jargon!
Before the founding of the country,Or maybe eight or seven years ago,The site of the Ru Kiln in the Song Dynasty has always been a historical mystery,No one can tell where it was made。
Until archaeologists discovered the kiln mouth of imperial Ru porcelain in Baofeng,Only resolved this unsettled historical case。
“someone said,Ru Kiln does not exist in the folk,What do you think of Mr. Hu?”
Hu Yang does not agree with this statement:“Ru porcelain has a short firing time,Plus historical wars and natural disasters,Not much handed down,This is the truth。
but,There must be treasures of Ru porcelain living among the people,Appeared on the auction market for many years7Piece is the most powerful proof,Just how many in the folk,No one knows。
and,Didn’t I also get one just now?and so,That kind of statement is nonsense,Untenable。”