Master Eight nodded too much,Smiled:“Yes!So simply being immortal is not unconscious,Just a change in life form,This is not the real longevity。

Throughout the ages,I don’t know how many capable people and strangers are trying to crack this topic,But all ended in failure,Do you think it’s such an easy thing?”
Lu Menglin laughed:“What’s the use of this toy??Please tell me。”
The eight-car master set his sights on the group of Tai Sui
,Speak slowly:“Refining medicine,I can make elixir with Tai Sui body,After Xiao Feiran’s surgery,Use elixir to temper her physique,Adjust yin and yang。”
Lu Menglin shrugged,This answer is expected。
“Eight aunt,Can you treat me too??I’m a bit imaginary recently?”Lu Menglin has no righteous way。
The Eight Car Division is too indifferent:“You are not a boy,No need to use elixir to adjust physique,You want to live longer,Enhance physical fitness,Just use Tai Sui meat soaked in water to drink。”
“Isn’t it?Soak this toy in water?Looks sticky,Forget it,I still don’t need it。”
“fool!Ethereal Mother Soak,Can grow muscles and beauty,Can nourish life,I don’t know how many people can meet or ask outside。”Master Bache shouted too softly。
Lu Menglin laughed,Tao:“So amazing?Then i try?correct,If this toy is so useful for soaking in water,Can I get a nutrition company directly,Show this stuff in the company lobby,And bottle the soaked water,Guaranteed to sell for a good price!”
“This toy doesn’t seem to have less water, right??Wow,incredible,This thing can grow naturally,Which means it will never be used up?”
The eight-car division was too surprised,I didn’t expect this kid to be so smart,I have seen the true value of Tai Sui mothers in such a short time。
“Yes!This Tai Sui mother is different from ordinary Tai Sui,As long as the method is right,It equals endless。And Tai Sui mothers are more miraculous in healing injuries,《The True Explanation of Huangdi’s Internal Classic》Said,Although it cannot cure people,But it has the effect of flesh and bones。”
“understood!Auntie Ba, you know so much!Worthy of being a worldly expert!”Lu Menglin smiled。
Master Eight nodded too much,Half step forward,Reach out,Pull a small piece from Tai Sui’s mother,Place it in the center of your palm。
That little piece of Tai Sui mother’s marrow trembled slightly,Like a living thing。
Suddenly,The old nun’s palm has a faint blue pattern,It’s like a spider web tightly wrapped around that little piece of Tai Sui。
A moment later,That little piece of Tai Sui meat became as rigid as jade,Even the original purple gold has lost its luster。
Lu Menglin was dumbfounded,He witnessed the change of that piece of Tai Sui meat,From a living thing to a dead thing like a chess piece,It’s amazing。