“I didn’t expect it!Lord Mu City will come to me personally。”Butcher Wu was taken aback first,Then laughed loudly。

Mr. Mu nodded,Smiled:“It matters,I’ll come here in person,Rest assured。”
“Haha!I can bother the old city owner to run this trip,My butcher is really lucky。I can’t think of the glory of this life,All piled up to this day!”Butcher Wu laughed loudly。
“Ok,You are indeed very beautiful today!”Mr. Mu nodded,Actually really serious。
“So good,What do you want!Old man,You do it!With your ability,Everyone thinks I’m too happy,What is that sentence called?Joy begets sadness!”
Butcher Wu said this,Stare,Sternly:“My second son is stupid,do not know anything!Don’t do it on him!Even if we’re thinking about the love we’ve been playing in the mud with our bare butts since we were young,May I?”
Mr. Mu heard this,Can’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly。
“I’m not willing to give this face?You old stuff!I misunderstood you!Inhumane!You lords are all beasts!Dog day!”Butcher Wu cursed。
He scolded it so happy,Mercilessly,Hearty。
Mu Lao City Lord was scolded bloody,But no business,Leaned down instead,For this long-time friend,Pour a glass of wine by hand。
“Alright!Wu Runtu,You scold me again,From now on, your butcher’s shop will increase taxes!”Mu Lao Chengzhu said lightly。
When Butcher Wu heard this,,Suddenly froze,Surprise on his face。
“If i mean,I’ll probably see you on the road by myself。Unfortunately he is not allowed。He also said,This matter has nothing to do with you,Since he borrowed your son’s name,I must not let people hurt you!”