Tips for Yoga with breathing

Tips for Yoga with breathing

Breathing is our life, without breathing there is no life value.

Putting the sentence in yoga asana is also very correct.

In fact, if you don’t breathe well and don’t go well, even if you move beautifully, the effect will be discounted.

  Why do you say that?

Let me give you an example. If you are doing a backward motion, because of the tightness of your neck, your breathing will become uncomfortable. If you do n’t stay in this position for a long time, you will feel out of breath and your head will be a little groggy.

This is the natural response to physical discomfort caused by poor breathing.

  However, have you noticed that there are some actions, because the sucking and breathing cooperate well, and even the actions that originally felt difficult can become slightly better?

Like a forward bend, if you can bend forward when you exhale, it is better to do something.

Conversely, if you do the same thing by inhaling or closing your breath, you will feel as if you are stuck.

  The principle of cooperation between breathing and movement Although it is known that breathing must cooperate with movement, how can it be smoother?

Here are a few simple principles: 1. It is better to exhale when the body is folded down (forward bending).

  2. It is better to inhale the action of opening the chest (rearward as the representative).

  3, reverse movements are also exhaled.

  4. Don’t do any action during short breath.

  However, the movement of yoga is not only a single dwelling type, but also a preparation type and a departure type, so the breathing is done in one go.

For example: when doing a forward bend, first inhale to lengthen the spine, open the chest (preparatory), exhale and bend forward, you can stay here for a few breaths and wait until you want to go back to the original standing position(Remove type), inhale to cooperate.

This set is the complete forward bend, and the whole sucks and spits well.

 Another important point is that if we stay in a certain place, we must not hold our breath, we must breathe smoothly, and we can make our body deeper when we exhale.

Let’s take the twist type, we stop with our hands and feet stuck, and use the natural breathing method after turning back, but when exhaling, we can tighten the abdomen a little bit, and open the chest a little bit more.Just stop there, just stretch the back.

This can be matched with the previous exhalation by turning the body back more.

  Why can you deepen your breath?

  That’s because when we exhale, our bodies can be loosened, so we can do a little more when we cooperate with exhalation.

Friends with sharp eyes who are based on the principle of nature may find that it is better to inhale when I mention that they are leaning back, but when answering a similar question from a netizen, I said, “Inhale is a preparatory type for chest expansion and long spine.Lean back, then stop to breathe naturally.

Isn’t it against the principles I said?

Actually, I consider that if you lean back when you inhale, people can breathe smoothly (you can try it), so I recommend that you lean back when you exhale.

In fact, the four breathing principles I mentioned above all take the natural principle of smooth breathing as the highest principle, but don’t memorize these specifications, but make the movements irregular.