“What’s happening?”Pan Lao dare not neglect,I reached out and picked up the hatchet next to me,Lang Ke is extremely vigilant in the wild,Must have found something。Seeing Li Tianchou sitting steadily,A little relieved,But then his face changed a lot。

On the edge of the cliff behind me, some green military hats appeared at some point, gradually approaching,And in the dense forest directly in front, there are also a few green figures shaking,Appeared in front of a few people in the blink of an eye。They look well trained,Scattered formation,Wei Wei Cat Waist,Arch up,What is frightening is,Everyone is holding a rifle。
bad!What are you afraid of,What come,How could it be so coincidental?Old Pan’s heart sinks,He can even see the hateful face of the man in front。
Lang has already started shouting to the people in front,I can’t understand what I’m talking about,And the other party stopped moving,The green uniform at the front also responded with a bird’s voice,But the tone and attitude are much stronger。
I just communicated without a few words,The green uniforms all around suddenly lifted the rifle in his hand to the shoulder for aiming.,So scared Lang was the first to throw away the hatchet in his hand,Then the muscles around Lao Pan’s eyes trembled,Also threw the knife,And raised his hands like Lang。
Li Tianchou naturally didn’t dare to neglect,He knows who he met,Under such circumstances, we must not play、play cool,Otherwise these people will fill you with bullet holes at any time。He held his head with his hands honestly,Squatted on the ground,The expression on his face was full of horror,Looks like the most honest of the three、The timidest。
The green uniform of the leader signaled the companions to relax,Then came to Lang Ke with the gun,Turned back and forth half a circle around it,Suddenly open his mouth and growl loudly,Followed by“Peng”The sound of,Unexpectedly*Fallen Lang slightly。
This person turned his head and turned his attention to Pan Lao,Wow, wow, yell something,Old Pan seems to understand,Holding his head with his hands reluctantly,Squat down。The leader waved again,Several green uniforms rushed up,Pack three people、The package quickly flipped through,clothes、Dry food and mineral water were thrown on the ground,But the colorful bills were all carried into their pockets。
Followed by a body search,Although Li Tianchou is not nervous,But secretly crying,Other objects are fine,The very unique watch on the wrist was actually taken off by a soldier,This product is like a treasure in your hand,But was snatched away by its chief。
This satellite-based watch is the only way for Li Tianchou to contact China,Losing it will not only cause a lot of inconvenience,And many of the secrets may be leaked,But the person who saw the officer just fiddled with it twice and put it in his pocket,Li Tianchou’s hanging heart only slightly relaxed。
Pan Lao and Lang are even more unlucky,The soldiers found two pistols from under their armpits and the roots of their thighs,The only thing left for them was their pants,Then he was beaten again。
It lasted for several minutes,Only when the angry chief waved his hand to stop,Then this person gave Li Tianchou a very evil look,Didn’t say anything,He ordered his men to escort the three people down the mountain。
Maybe it was the extremely honest and timid performance that just escaped,It may also be because you don’t have any offensive weapons,Li Tianchou is lucky,Although his physique is unique,Ordinary hurt can’t help him,But getting beaten up for no reason is always very depressing。
The three are tied together by twine,Very tightly guarded。Li Tianchou pay attention,Except for this person who looks like a chief,There are a total of eight soldiers,They are surrounded by rifles,Very vigilant,Seems to want to run halfway,Little chance of winning。
When we are about to reach the foot of the mountain,Li Tianchou and the three were escorted into the dense forest,It almost runs counter to the path to Suri。The woods are very difficult to walk,Better than the mountain roads I have traveled before,Li Tianchou doesn’t matter,But it hurts Pan Lao and Lang。The two were beaten and limp,I have to grit my teeth,Otherwise,Heavy responsibility*Serve,Miserable。
The poorest one is Lang Luo,At the beginning, I was chattering and negotiating with the chief,But after being beaten constantly, I finally became honest。
This damn jungle seems to be endless,Old Pan doesn’t know how many somersaults fell,Then he was dragged and beaten by the soldiers to move on,And Lang is not much better,On the contrary, Li Tianchou did not hurry,Unintentionally helped two people a lot,This made Pan Lao shocked,And let the person who looks like the chief looks at him with admiration。
This team of strange people,Lined up in a strange formation through the jungle,Almost no one talks,Pan Lao used his eyes to communicate with Lang Ke repeatedly,Li Tianchou was watching,It seems helplessly injured,Or afraid of being beaten,Just dragging the injured leg hard,No time to care about others。