Seems to have been a long time,Did not do so。

But for Tan Long,But I didn’t feel the slightest discomfort。
“What’s wrong with your second uncle?”
Tan Long suddenly realized,This matter is actually related to my second uncle。
So when I saw this,The more so,Actually such a thing,What will it represent,Actually this,There is no doubt about it。
And look at it again,Actually this time,Wang Teng is very calm。
“Don’t worry,He is in a very safe place。”
When Wang Teng said,Tan Long breathed a sigh of relief。
despite this,But now,Actually how to solve such a thing,at this point,Really a problem。
And see here,at this time,For Wang Teng,What should I do,Actually this is very important。
And put it here,Actually from now on,Wang Teng smiled faintly。
“I won’t consider other things for now,But for now,many problems,In fact, they should be handled properly。”
“But now,In fact, I don’t need to think about it for the time being。”
slowly,As Wang Teng sees here,At this time, Wang Teng is to let people directly take over all of this。
After all, from now on,What should I do,Actually this,What has come is very important。
And seeing these,at this time,Actually here,Wang Teng’s whole body is more funny the more he thinks about it。