quickly,After several consecutive transmissions,Warrior Tyrant Aotian also entered the Chiyue Canyon。

For most players in the current version,Chiyue Canyon is definitely a forbidden place in the forbidden area。
First enter the jungle labyrinth from Bairi Gate,Then enter the east entrance of Chiyue Canyon,Re-enter Canyon Plaza,Right corridor to the place of choice,Pass through the valley,To the final versionBOSSScarlet Moon Devil’s Lair。
Complex terrain on this road,Just those terrible flower kiss spiders in the jungle maze are enough for ordinary players to drink a pot,They are not only mottled,And extremely high offense and defense,Ordinary senior fighters stepped forward to fight it,The result is often unbearable,Fled。
Even the fastest wizard to fight monsters,Will also consume too much time and blue medicine in front of such a powerful monster,And this kind of spider does not explode too good equipment,So attacking it is often not worth the gain。
What’s more, hidden in this jungle labyrinth are the extremely fast-moving Sirius spiders and the steeltooth spiders that can attack from a distance.,Just be surrounded by these monsters,Even the most durable Taoist priest,I can only drink hate on the spot。
however,Moon Demon Spider is definitely the most annoying in the canyon,The most unsolvable monster,It has a super high speed,Move faster than game characters,And has terrible paralysis properties,Chance to paralyze the player。
Just be numb by the moon demon spider,Slobber a few more times,Even a fighter with high blood and defense can’t stand it。
but,In the deepest part of Chiyue Canyon,Hidden the real top bigBOSS,Scarlet Demon。
This oneBOSSIs the final of the current versionBOSS,Hidden in a small map,Although it cannot be moved,But it has a terrifying full-screen attack,Ordinary players will die if they can’t beat it twice。
Not to mention that there are countless little brothers crowded in the devil’s lair to protect this ultimateBOSS。
In Lu Menglin’s memory,Players of this era,Want to conquer the Scarlet Moon Demon,Are all feats based on guilds。
Let the player use the human tactics first,Clear the map,There are also special people running to deliver potions,Only then has the opportunity to let the senior players in the guild successfully reach the demon lair。Then it depends on whether these advanced players will fight the Old Scarlet Demon。
When fighting the Scarlet Moon Devil,Group annihilation often occurs,All previous efforts,But kill the items and equipment exploded by the Scarlet Moon Demon,Also the most valuable in the current version。
Usually will burst out the Tianzun suit,In this era of Taoist priests,Extremely valuable。Sometimes character breaks out,Will also burst out special rings,That’s the chance。
Tyrant God Aotian enters Chiyue Canyon,I found monster corpses all the way,I knew there should be a guild just cleared the road,This time is the best pass for other players,of course,As long as you don’t get lost。
but,Whether someone opens the way for Tyrannical God Aotian,No impact,Because he owns the teleportation ring。