Chen Qingyun’s figure floats above the sky,He was very concerned about the spell of summoning thunder,Quite satisfied。

As long as it’s flesh and blood,How can you resist Tianwei?
In fact, he didn’t want Lu Menglin to surrender,But to kill the other person!
Those words just now,Just a scene,Just tell others,And that Lu Menglin is probably taking it seriously,Thought I wouldn’t kill him,But to use him,That’s why,Just ate a few thunders。
Chen Qingyun’s heart is clear,As long as you kill Lu Menglin in the concrete realm,You can hold your soul,Know all the secrets of the other party。
By the time,Whether it is Jing Shen Gu,It’s still the majestic city in a foreign space,All in my own pocket!With these resources,Reintegrate the ball strong,I am the supreme ball,Terran Savior!
The clouds and mist created by the energy explosion gradually dispersed,Everyone around held their breath,Staring intently at a certain position in the concrete space。
That is a huge pit,The middle of the pit,Is where Lu Menglin stood just now。
Everyone here wants to know,Is he alive?Those terrible thunders just now,Tianwei is unpredictable,Did he avoid?
I saw a dark figure standing up from the bottom of the pit,Slowly straightened his waist,Like a gun,Awe-inspiring,There are electric lights around,Like a god。
It’s Lu Menglin!He is not dead!
Incredible!Incredible!He actually held the Thunder?
this moment,Everyone was shocked,Even the heart seems to miss a beat。
Chen Qingyun was equally shocked,Showed an incomprehensible expression。
He didn’t expect,That Lu Menglin actually carried Thunder,Is he still human?monster!Definitely a monster that cannot be tolerated!