“Qingling,You have a good heart,also very beautiful,But I never consider the relationship between us,I take you as a friend,So sorry”

Every word of these words hurts like a sharp sword inserted into her heart,Qingling slowly shook his head“I know,From now on we are just friends!”After speaking, turned and trot into the room,Shut the door with a bang,Leaning on the door,The tears in the eye sockets can no longer be restrained。
Fuming feels like a sinner,But no way,Some words must be clarified,Otherwise, the deeper,It’s harder to come out。
“call”I took a sigh of relief after I got out of the yard。
“Kid,You don’t know how to pity Xiangxiyu,People are so beautiful,Are you willing to hurt people’s hearts”Long Yuan’s humble voice sounded。
“Late pain is worse than early pain,It’s good for her to break these thoughts early”Why don’t Fuming understand these principles,But I really don’t feel Qingling,Just take her as a friend。
“I think Fuming is right,Some things are better to say earlier than later,Keep a good faith to each other”Wu Ling agrees to Fuming。
“cut,You know a hammer,I’m still right,Have you been in love,Have you ever had a partner?You didn’t make any coaxes”Long Yuan’s merciless Wuling。
Wu Ling just chuckled“Had!”
“Cough cough”Just two words,Long Yuan coughed violently。
“how come,When did you have”Long Yuan does not believe。
“A long time ago,I was very young at that time”Wu Ling’s eyes are full of memories。
“All right,stop fighting,Have already said it,No need to go further”Fuming stopped the two people’s mutual conflict,Seeing that the front ring is full of people,Curiously approached。
Bai Ai and another internal student。
“Come come,Buy it away,Student Chen Yuan wins ten and loses one,Lose one lose ten,Bai Ai lost ten for one win,Losing is ten lose one”This guy is starting the gambling here again。
“Really strange recently,Yesterday, a person named Ye Fuming challenged Luo Feng,Today is this challenge called Bai Ai Chen Yuan,Tut tut”People underneath are talking。