2 minute fitness exercise

2 minute fitness exercise

Guide: Time is like water in a sponge. As long as it is squeezed, there is always time.

The same is true of fitness. As long as you squeeze time, you can always find time.

“Two minutes” is short enough, but you can also do fitness.

  In the morning, the pillow was cushioned behind, with both hands straight back and bending the body; do sit-ups 3 times; put the pillow on the back, abdomen to make your toes cross the bed surface; hold your head with your hands and bend your knees together.Take turns to the left and right, merge and insert to touch the bed surface, but stay close to the bed surface without moving your hands.

  When wearing clothes, hold your hands behind your back and straighten your chest while straightening your hands; your upper body hangs down naturally, your hands sway left and right, and your waist twists to the left and right; your hands hold your head down to exhale, and exhale while raising your head.

  Put on your pants to do a quick squat, with your feet upright, shoulder width, shoulders and waist straight when squatting and standing, with your hands flat, your legs stretched evenly, squatting to the end, and getting up fast.

Jump a few times at the beginning, then you can switch to a continuous continuous jump in the same place, so that not only strengthens the strength of the legs, but also exercise the heart, and improve cardiopulmonary function.

  After getting up to do 10 push-ups, 100 steps to raise your legs in place.

It can even stand upside down against the wall, which can not only enhance the strength of the upper limbs, but also promote blood circulation.

  Rope skipping is an appropriate method of activity. A standing rope is available for exercise at any time. The skipping rope can be used with one foot, two feet, and two feet in turn, and the speed is appropriate.

When jumping, apply nasal inhalation and exhale.

  When washing your face and brushing your teeth, you can do the top and upper body rotation, side-to-side movement, both hands flexing and stretching as far as you can, and the knee flexion and extension exercise that keeps squatting and standing up. The above are just a few examples. As long as you have the heart,Two minutes of fitness time are always available.

Not to mention that many sports can be performed “at will.”

For example, you can do leg exercises while talking on the phone, writing, and typing; you can consciously straighten your arms by walking or going up stairs.

  Raise your chest, tighten your legs, and keep the curve of your chest and waist. During the break, you can sit on a chair for tibial exercises, keep your back straight and slightly away from the back of the chair, and stretch your arms behind the back of the chair, then liftLowering the arm can exercise the arm and extend the length. When replacing things on the ground, don’t bend down, but bend your knees. Squatting down your body can stimulate the muscles of the ankles and calves.

Even “tooth movement” when using the toilet, “eye movement” when washing feet, “anus lifting” when brushing teeth, etc., are all very desirable fitness methods.