[Encyclopedia of bonito soup]_ making soup _ making method

[Encyclopedia of bonito soup]_ making soup _ making method

Catfish is a relatively common water substance in life. The meat of catfish is tender and rich in nutritional value. It contains a large amount of trace elements and multiple vitamins. Regular consumption can supplement the nutrients required by the body.There are many ways to cook catfish soup. You can cook soup with red beans, or you can add carrots. The soup is delicious and mouth-watering. The method is very simple. Put the catfish in water and add carrots and red beans.

Anchovy stew soup Daquan powder Ge Chixiaodou stew Anchovy soup material powder Ge Ge 1 (more than 1 kg), Chi Xiao 2 2, catfish 2 (exactly 1 kg), half a carrot, a few ribs, 2 pieces of skin, 2 jujube 2One method: 1. Remove the scales, gills, and internal organs, wash the ribs, drain the water, and remove the water. 2. Fange peeled and cut into pieces. Wash the red beans in advance and soak them in water.3. Put the powder kudzu, red beans, and jujube into cold water and boil it over high heat. 4. Fry the carp on both sides until golden. Use a soup bag to put it in the boiling water together with the rind.After that, turn to a low heat for 2 hours, put salt seasoning powder Geyu fish soup Ingredients: 500 g catfish, 500 g kudzu root, auxiliary material: 30 g jujube, seasoning: 5 g ginger, 5 g salt Method 1, powderThe kudzu is washed, peeled, and cut into large pieces; 2. Candied dates are pitted and washed slightly; 3, catfish scales, gills, intestines are mixed, washed and dripped with dry water; 4, oil pan, saute ginger, nextFry the fish until the surface is slightly yellow, take it out; 5. Put the powder kudzu, catfish, ginger, and jujube together in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it for three hours after the fire is boiled.,Soup into a seasoning.
Ingredients for Fange Green Radish Catfish Soup: Sturgeon, green radish, fange, horseshoe, ginger slices1. Fried fish are packed in a soup bag2.4. Add all to the soup pot, add enough water, be sure to add enough water. Do not add more water on the way. 5. After the fire boils, turn to medium heat for three hours. At this time, the soup is milky white.Rich in protein, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, selenium and other nutrients, the meat is tender and delicious.

Edible effect 1, strong bones and bones: Carassius auratus is rich in calcium. After human consumption, it can promote bone growth and strengthen bones and bones.

2. Tonic Qi and Blood: Catfish’s therapeutic effect is similar to that of Anchovy.

3, Tongli urination: for patients with unfavorable urination, bladder fever, jaundice, water drum and other diseases, can take catfish, has a smooth muscle, Tongli urination effect.

4, spleen and stomach: catfish has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, so it is especially suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach for food supplement.