For the whole day,Bai Zhiwei has a feeling of living like years。

He hasn’t felt this way for many years,Only this is full of variables,But what I have to do,That makes him feel this way,As if to bring him back decades ago,Back to that I have nothing,The age when we must fight。
Harbour City is a very famous mega mall on Hong Kong Island,Hundreds of thousands of customers shop and spend here every day,Can be regarded as a landmark building。
9:55 PM,Bai Zhiwei drove into the underground garage of Harbour City,arriveBArea。
As Harbour City closed at ten o’clock,So this time period,The underground parking lot has basically no one in or out。
The huge parking lot is empty,Only rows of vehicles obstruct the view,If people with intensive phobia,Or someone with claustrophobia,I would dislike this place very much。
Do not know why,parking lotBThe lights in the area are flickering,It adds a few ghastly atmosphere。
Bai Zhiwei parked the carBArea,Get out of the car alone,Drag out a silver password box from the rear box,Looking around。
At this moment,BAmong the cars at the end of the area,The lights of a red BMW suddenly flashed twice,Suddenly attracted Bai Zhiwei’s attention。
He was actually a little nervous,Although the perfect plan has been made,But in this strange environment,And don’t know what will happen,It is inevitable to be a little nervous as an individual。
Click!The left door of the red BMW car opened,Zhu Qiuhong got out of the car。
Bai Zhiwei suddenly sees Zhu Qiuhong,The larynx moved involuntarily twice,Swallowed again。
Obviously an acquaintance,Suddenly seems to be so strange。
Zhu Qiuhong has never shown such a hatred expression to him,This makes Bai Zhiwei a little unnatural。
Maybe deep in his heart,In the corner where conscience is buried,Will be a little bit painful!
If it wasn’t for his brutal hair,Accustomed to using dirty means to deal with problems,Maybe I can keep the beautiful impression in Xiao Hong’s eyes。
It’s a pity all this is broken,Never look back。