Up!”Lu Menglin raised his head suddenly,Shout,It shook the eardrums of the audience。
Everyone looked at him in surprise,Don’t know what he wants to do。
That Young Master Zhou smiled cunningly,Sneered repeatedly:“how?The truth was revealed,Want to be rough?”
Lu Youshan sees that his son is going to be mad,Hurriedly shouted in a deep voice:“Menglin!Don’t be foolish!This is not something you can manage!”
Fat Dun and Wang Shaoxiao are all watching,As long as Lu Menglin gives an order,Menglin Legion Controls You Three Seven Twenty One,Let’s overturn those Hongkongers first。
Jiang Jinghong crossed his eyebrows and met coldly,But she is actually a little curious,How would Lu Menglin deal with these people??
But Kim So Yeon is still smiling,like a statue,Because she believes,As long as Mr. Lu is out,There is nothing we can’t do!
Lu Menglin got up,I strode to the middle of the Hong Kong businessman Zhou Gongzi and several factory leaders。
“Secretary Li,Leaders。I’m back this time,Represents Legend Culture Group,Formally proposed cooperation with Liufang。”
Lu Menglin speaks surprisingly,I was shocked to hear everyone present。
“what?This kid wants to work with Liufang?Why is he?”
“Legendary culture?Haven’t heard of it!What company is this?”
“Isn’t he a kid from Lu Youshan’s family??What nonsense!”
“What is Lu Menglin talking about?He’s only in his freshman year!This is boasting?”
Hong Kong businessman Zhou Gongzi naturally dismissed Lu Menglin’s words,Only when he is jumping the wall,nonsense。
Before coming,He has found out the bottom of this kid,He’s just a stupid son from a ruined factory manager,There is a fart company。