At this time, the landlord also remembered what happened in Fang’s house some time ago,He didn’t understand at the time,Who has offended the Fang family, who has always been arrogant in Yun City?,Will encounter such a big change,did not think of,The person they offended turned out to be Xiao Fan。

The landlord shivered involuntarily,Also told Fang Hu what happened just now。
Fang Hu warned:“30,000 yuan to buy your life,You guys just have fun,and also,Don’t provoke the one called Xia Qing anymore,otherwise,No one can save you then。”
The landlord listened to Fang Hu’s words,Also nodded heavily,I swear I will never trouble Xia Qing。
Although I haven’t seen Xiao Fan’s power,,But my uncle’s words,He still believes,After all, he doesn’t want to take risks,Use your own life to verify the truth of these words。
at the same time,Security Minister Wang Li was also discharged,At that time, everyone rushed to the hospital,Not long after,He woke up。
Xiao Fan started,In fact, there are counts,After all, that’s Lin Yuna’s company,He doesn’t want to cause Lin Yoona trouble on the first day at work。
After Wang Li woke up,Regardless of the doctor’s obstruction,Went home directly。
At home,Wang Li rubbed his aching head,The more I think about it, the more depressed I feel,The more I think about it, the more I hate Xiao Fan。
That wimp,Why is he?
It’s delayed Lin Yoona’s happiness.,Even today I lost such a big face,The head of the dignified security department was knocked out by a useless punch,How will he mess up in the future?
It seems it won’t work if you don’t give this kid a little color。
Thought of here,Wang Li took out his phone,Called the black bear gang leader。
“Black Bear,it’s me,Wang Li。”As soon as the call is connected,Wang Li said immediately。
“Brother Wang,Why did you think of calling me?。”Because the two had some friendship before,So the black bear gang leader also said politely。