Move to the gym to drive away spring sleepiness

Move to the gym to drive away spring sleepiness

After the Spring Festival, many people call the scales, and they will be surprised to find that the pointer will “flick” and stop on a scale you don’t want to believe!

That’s right, it’s delicious and delicious for many days, and fun to sleep makes you feel more happy to grow a dozen pounds of meat.

In the next work, you will be stuck in an office chair and yawn for a long time, and you will suffer from spring sleepiness.

Don’t hesitate, go to the gym with us, pick a few stylish fitness exercises, strengthen your body, remove excess meat, and get rid of spring sleepiness!

  SPINNING——The dance on the spinning bike follows the coach’s slogan, motivating eyes, and a fit body. It is driven unemotionally by the accompaniment of exciting music like a disco.

Looking at everyone’s excited expression, you will recognize a strong contagion, which is now the most popular SPINNING training for young people.

  SPINNING translated, also known as spinning, was first created by American personal trainer and extreme athlete JOHNNYG in the 1980s. It is a unique and dynamic indoor bicycle training course that combines music and visual effects.

In the past ten years or so, Spinning cycling courses have been popular in Europe, America and other countries and gradually become other popular fitness hotspots.

That’s it, we walked into “Lejian?

The “Imperius” fitness club Ginza Pavilion felt the shock of this fashionable fitness exercise.

  Here, Wu Lei, an exercise bike coach, said that the design of this professional exercise bike is very suitable for aerobic training, and can generally be divided into two types of intensity cycling and intensity cycling.

The former is mainly to simulate the environment of mountain biking, increase leg strength when riding, achieve the effects of exercising leg muscles, and improve leg strength and endurance.

The energy from above is a very intense exercise to achieve weight loss.

But unlike the monotonous bicycle endurance training, when performing cycling training, the coach will carefully select the dynamic music like the DJ in the disco, and the decibels will be adjusted to the highest level.Language actions can make people realize their physical energy to the utmost without knowing it.

  Fitness effect: Spinning bike is not pure music + bicycle training. It also requires the trainer to do some gymnastics training while riding the bicycle, which is a whole-body exercise.

In fact, part of the SPINNING course can burn 400-500 calories throughout the whole course, which is equivalent to an hour and a half of long-distance running. It can effectively exercise and improve the heart and lung function and muscle endurance of the human body.the way.

  Fitness ball-injured body on the ball. In the movie “Slimming Men and Women”, Zheng Xiuwen has to wear “fat coat” every day to shoot. It has been quite hard. There are still many plays that demand her 260 pound fat girl.Tsai “Liu Dehua’s urging to carry out hell-style weight loss. In the play Sammi has a lot of weight loss tricks, including playing fitness balls to lose weight.

There are training courses for fitness balls in many gyms in Jinan.

  Le Jian?

Instructor Zhang Lei of Impex Ginza told us that the fitness ball originally originated in Switzerland in the 1950s. At that time, it was mainly used to give people physical therapy and train people’s balance of motor nerves.

By the 1980s, the ball was shining in treatment clinics and rehabilitation centers, and even sports teams used it as a training tool to improve athletes’ balance and stability and prevent sports injuries.

Now, after a series of improvements, the thermal fitness ball is not only a medical and training tool, it can even use massage.

  Micro-sports are very important for maintaining a healthy and vibrant life. Most people think that strength training and softness training cannot co-exist. In fact, they should only complement each other. Using the fitness ball can create a lot of body movements.

Regular contraction exercises not only prevent muscle aches and injuries, but also promote limb relaxation.

There are two types of fitness balls on the market, one is a smooth sphere, and the other is a bump sphere.

The only difference between these two balls is that the massage effect on the bump sphere will be better.

  Fitness effect: The fitness ball has many advantages, it is suitable for all people to exercise (including those who need rehabilitation treatment), and its fitness effect is good (especially for spine and pelvic exercise).

The fitness ball has good injury recovery and rehabilitation functions, can improve people’s flexibility, strength, balance, posture, cardiopulmonary function, and can comprehensively massage the human body, which is a sport for all ages.

  Sanda – The dual-sharpening of body and will Sanda is a part of Chinese martial arts. It is the most direct and simple method of martial arts. It is a competitive sports project aimed at quickly knocking down or falling opponents.Sanda is a combination of the three actions of “kick, hit, and fall”.

However, what is different from professional Sanda is that the Sanda in the gym now pays more attention to the fitness and sharpening of Sanda, and replaces the confrontation and combat in Sanda, so it has become a very safe factor.High fitness exercise.

  Le Jian instructing Sanda training?

Impex coach Zuo Zhenhua told reporters that people often change Sanda in the sense of fitness to professional Sanda. In fact, as a form of fitness, Sanda is only aimed at the training of people’s physical fitness and willpower.Fighting, considering safety factors, the coach just did some demonstrations accordingly.

  Fitness effects: People who continuously train in Sanda often have higher body sensitivity, explosive power, and flexibility index than normal people. During training, the trainer’s brain and body must maintain a high degree of coordination.

And compared with other fitness items, Sanda fitness is more specific and practical, and the amount of exercise is relatively large. The training difficulty and training requirements often exceed other fitness items.

Therefore, the majority of people who study Sanda fitness are young people, and they have correspondingly cultivated and improved their will quality.

  Comprehensive training-saving money for fitness. When choosing a fitness course or fitness program, many bodybuilders consider not only their financial reasons, but also how much fitness they can learn; there are also some fitness trainers whoIt is boring to fight fitness training programs.

Therefore, some clubs have specially launched comprehensive training.

  In the “My Motion” fitness club, Coach Kang Manwen told us that the so-called comprehensive training is the organic combination of many fitness programs to train bodybuilders. These programs include: aerobics, ball exercises, pedalsExercises, dumbbell exercises and relaxation on the mat.Of course, these items may be adjusted accordingly according to the different arrangements of various fitness clubs and seasonal changes.

  Fitness effect: each item of comprehensive training can separately exercise people’s various parts, and compared with a single training item, it can effectively mobilize the emotions of trainers, so that their bodies are fully trained.

One of the first is aerobics, which is equivalent to warming up, because people’s bodies first have a warm-up effect.

Then, the coach will conduct the rest of the lessons according to the schedule. For example, small ball exercises can exercise people’s softness and upper limb strength; the subsequent pedal exercises are exercises for the lower limb strength of the trainer; dumbbell exercises can be the main body partsGet enough exercise; relaxing on the mat can make people’s heart rate return to normal and get physical relief.