“what!Say!Why mess with my mailbox to send emails?”

“what!Say!Why did you put that tigress on the fifth floor??”
“Say!what!Why do you splash girls all over?”
“Say!what!I just hate not splashing her with hot water!”
After seven or eight rounds,The owner of the Internet cafe looked tired and patted the table,Tao:“Little fellow and a lad,Can you two fight like a man?”
“the man?”
“The cause of the matter,I probably saw it clearly,Isn’t it something in the game?,You just go to the game to solve,good or not?I still do business here。”
“it is good!”Zhang Song and Lu Yi replied together。
Prelude-newborn Chapter nine Men showdown
“Since it’s a battle between men,Do you want some color??”The Internet cafe owner is obviously not too big。
“If i win,You have to clarify the facts in front of all teachers and students,Apologize to me。”Lu Yi made his request。
“If i win,The medical expenses that Lao Tzu was beaten and the Internet expenses for a year are all yours!”Zhang Song said cruelly。
“Ok,Very reasonable。”Lu Yi agrees。