Winter health gourmet chestnut-flavored spring chicken

Winter health gourmet chestnut-flavored spring chicken

Speaking of chestnuts, it seems that the smell of chestnut roasted chicken has already been smelled. This is indeed a good dish on the winter table.

The chestnuts are in order, and the sweet-scented chestnuts on the street are attractive but easy to get angry.

And chestnut roast chicken is peaceful.

Chestnuts and chicken are simmered together on a slow fire. The chestnuts are full of gravy and taste better than chicken.

Chestnuts are warm and sweet, can nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen, can replenish the energy needed by the human body, promote metabolism, and are a good winter health fruit; while chicken is delicious, high in protein, easy to be absorbed and used by the human body, and has enhanced physical strengthStrengthen your body.

Xiaoji reminded everyone that the quality of chestnuts will directly affect the taste of the dish.

Good chestnuts are powdery and sandy, with a hint of sweetness after cooking; bad chestnuts are hard, not powdery or sweet.

So when you buy, you must choose chestnuts that are big and full, with a bright red shell, brownish brown, and shiny particles.

  Deep-fried ingredients (for two people) Ingredients: Light chicken (half), chestnut meat (15 pieces) Seasoning: Shaojiu (1 tablespoon), Haitian seafood sauce (l tablespoon), soup (6 cups), raw flour(Appropriate amount), pepper (appropriate amount), sesame oil (appropriate amount)

Remove the net chicken from the thick bones, chop and grow, a cube about 3 cm wide.


The chestnut meat was washed and dried; the shallots were cut into 3 cm sections; the ginger was cut into thin slices with a width of 1 cm.


Heat the oil pan until it reaches six maturity, add the chestnut meat and fry it to golden brown, and pour the oil into a colander.


Boil the oil to 60% heat, stir-fry the chicken pieces until the water is dry, season the wine, ginger slices, salt, soy sauce, and simmer for 3 minutes.


Take a casserole, pour the chicken nuggets together with the soup, and simmer over low heat until the eight are ripe.


Put the fried chestnut meat in the casserole, continue to simmer until soft and rotten, add MSG, spring onion, sprinkle with pepper, boil and simmer with raw powder water, pour in sesame oil.