3 into the palace-exposed Alonso is expected to return to Renault next year to admit that Super Shumi did not play

3 Enter the palace?Alonso is expected to return to Renault next year and admits that Super Shumi has no play
The new season of F1 has just kicked off. If Vettel challenged Hamilton to attack, it was a surprise. Alonso still feels numb even after finishing the game, and this time the rumors are up again, the German “Photo” exposedUnexpectedly, Alonso is said to have started transfer negotiations with Renault and is expected to return to where the dream began.  The German media revealed that Renault showed great interest in the return of Alonso. The two sides have begun substantive negotiations, and Renault’s plan is that Alonso and Hulkenberg will fight together next time, while another German media alsoIt was reported that during the Bahrain Grand Prix, Alonso’s agent discussed with the Renault team leader at the Renault team’s rest area.  Although Alonso did not clearly indicate where to go next season, one thing is clear. If McLaren is still so bad, he will not stay in this team. This summer I will decide where I will go next year. There is no doubt.There is no doubt that I am eager to win. In my opinion, I am now at the peak of my life, so next year I have only one goal to fight for the world championship.  In the third season of the Grand Prix, Alonso retired, which can only be described as a shame for a two-time champion.The Spaniards could not bear it anymore, saying that he hadn’t driven such a bad car in his life, and the impact and anger can be seen.In fact, for Vettel, Hamilton and even Bottas, the new season has just begun, but for Alonso this season ended early, according to current trends, McLaren will not stage any miracles.  It happens that there is no future for the McLaren team, so the rumors of Alonso returning to Renault next season are very popular. Many people believe that Alonso will not be surprised if he makes this decision.After all, Alonso has won two world championships on behalf of Renault. In 2008, he returned to Renault. If he returns next season, Alonso will achieve the third palace.  It was precisely because he knew that there was no hope of winning the championship, Alonso decided to participate in the 101st Indianapolis 500 competition, and led to the abandonment of Monaco.In Alonso’s view, it is not very likely to get more F1 world champions to make history. It is better to integrate the three championships of Monaco Grand Prix, Indy 500 and Le Mans 24 hours. My goal is to become the worldThe greatest driver on the road wants to surpass Schumacher and win the serial world championship, but now it is impossible, but I can accomplish the feat of winning the championship in different series.