Hu Shijing pulls the mask,Said coldly:“Wuhao,Do you dare to come to the capital alone,You have to be mentally prepared,See you not pleasing to the eye,I’m not the only one!”

Lu Menglin was targeted by three big guns,Was surrounded by ten armored enemies,The situation is extremely unfavorable。
Including this Hu Shijing,These ten night Korean warriors in armor,All real masters,The level shown by each of them,Not lose to Liu Yiqing,And the armor on his body is only strong or not weak,Should be tailor-made,Much more powerful than the standard armor。
“Hu Shijing,You still shameless?Evacuated people for me!Immediately!”At this moment,Marshal Hu finally broke out,Under the roar,Like a lion awakened。
Don’t look at the old marshal being kind just now,Looks like an ordinary old man,That’s because he has a deep cultivation of Qi,Has long been able to converge emotions and momentum,But now this one is really angry,Roar。
Hu Shijing under the old marshal’s power,I can’t help but shake,Fortunately, there is a helmet blocking it,Foreigners can’t see his pale face。
“grandfather!Don’t care about this!This is the meaning of the military,Also my personal meaning!Just take Wu Hao,The sandstorm outside the city is nothing but scattered sand,It’s just a mob from the outer hunting circle。”Hu Shijing proudly said,This is clearly even his own grandfather,Marshal Hu’s face is lost。
“Mischief!I invited Mr. Wu Hao,I will be responsible for his safety!As long as my old man still breathes,You are not allowed to touch his hair!”Marshal Hu’s face shook,Shen Sheng。
His whole life,I don’t know how many winds and waves I have experienced,Even the most sinister situation has been encountered,But today this one,But it gave him a terrible feeling of being completely out of control。
Because he doesn’t know,How many people in the family are like Hu Shijing,Has been secretly sold,The kind that doesn’t listen to me,And their idiots want to use this method to get Wu Hao,Get the Sandstorm City Legion,It’s just a foolish dream,Not only has a high chance of not succeeding,And it will drag night Korea into an endless abyss。
“Hu Shijing,You are here to fight,What about our Hu family?You are so cruel,Do you even have to sacrifice your family??”President Hu Jin gritted his teeth and said angrily。
This remark,The Hu clan people around changed their colors,They mean,Once war,With the power of Horned Dragon Battlegear,The whole Hu’s mansion,I’m afraid it will be blown up。
Hu Shijing’s legs off the ground,Lift off slowly。
“Wuhao,I heard that you are very strong,So I am not going to give you a chance to activate the armor,Surrender obediently!otherwise,Bullet without eyes,Don’t make yourself wrong!”
Lu Menglin took a deep breath,Speak loudly:“I don’t want to hurt the innocent!Hu Lin,Let your family go away!”