“Is Zhang Weiming where??”

“not yet,From the squatting situation,It is very likely to have fled。”
“thank you very much!”The instructor stretched out his hands and held the opponent tightly。
“Should。”Director Ding’s expression is more serious,Bowed his head again,“against‘Blood shadow’,The provincial government is already organizing forces,And arranged the preliminary peripheral investigation work,Just wait for the time to come。”
“it is good!Strengthen communication,Fully cooperate!”
“Hey,I should say this sentence,Haha。”
Send away Director Ding,The instructor returned to the guest house room,Hu Dehai、Cao Yang、Quan Xingguo and others are already waiting for him in the house,Everyone is in a bad mood,It’s just a bad job,Who would have thought of having bad luck until now,Lian Lao also has to alarm people from the Provincial Public Security Department,I never figured out why the instructor didn’t seek help from the National Security Bureau,It’s a system anyway,Wouldn’t it be more convenient。
The instructor looked indifferent,There is a big gauze wrapped around my neck like a okay person,“All lingering?One by one listless,At this point, Xiaohegou is difficult?”
“No,We are thinking,What to do next。”Hu Dehai answered loudly。
“now it’s right。”The instructor pulls a chair and sits down,“Plan to change,These people are too hug,And too vigilant,Beyond my expectation,I have this feeling,Old opponent‘Blood shadow’Has an inseparable connection with the Zhang family,tomorrow‘Doctors’Go to the provincial office to find Guan Chunsheng for me,The specific arrangements of Tantan Provincial Department,I decided to suspend the investigation of Funiu Town,Fully cooperate with the provincial government‘Blood shadow’This scourge。”
“That should be done,I’ve been aggrieved these days,Hurt them,Check out Zhang’s reaction。”Quan Xingguo agreed with both hands。
“But in this way, we are running away from our original goal.?And it’s been more than a month since Wu Fang disappeared,If there is no more news,I’m afraid there is no hope。”Hu Dehai has objections,I am worried that such an action will be more detrimental to Wu Fang,Emotionally bad,This is everyone’s heart disease,It’s also the secret pain of the instructor。
More than a month,I’m afraid people are gone long ago,But no one dare to think like this,Can make Wu Fang disappear without a trace、An invisible opponent should not be underestimated,On the other hand, it also shows that the secret Wu Fang discovered is amazing,Allows opponents to take big risks willingly,This is probably a big*Bucket。
Unfortunately there are too few clues,The disappearance of Director Zhang Weiming of Honggu County Archives is a bright line,Secretly investigating has lost its meaning,There is a dark line,Li Huimin, a retiree who went abroad to take his grandson,Although the exit record of such an identity was found from the entry and exit department,But it does not mean that such a person really exists,It’s better to just launch an investigation。
“From now on,Everyone takes a short break,Wait for Hu Dehai to come back,In the name of finding the missing Wu Fang,Formally report the case to the County Public Security Bureau in the name of the unit,The start of the investigation。Xie Zhihai、Ma Yuan stays in Zhangjiaji,Do nothing except observe carefully。”The instructor decided to immediately adjust the strategy,Firm attitude。
Xie Zhihai and Ma Yuan are both members of the special operations team,Has successfully taken root in Zhangjiaji,Two uncles and nephews disguised as bouncing cotton,A good craft,An authentic southern Wu Nong soft language,Look honest,Renting a farmhouse in Zhangjiaji,Soon, I got mixed up with my neighbors,This walking family is very common,Should not be exposed。
“Where is Xu Wen and Yingzi??It’s just hanging outside?”Gu Jian doubt。
“Hang it first,Yanbei is too large,I may not find a place yet,Have us attract firepower,I don’t expect them to be in any danger。”The instructor took out a cigarette and lit it,Slowly,“I am worried‘Mane rat’,This guy has no news for three days。”