“Oh shit,How come to such a map randomly!”Zhang Song scolded。

“What’s wrong with this map?”Cao Anna asked。
“Miss Anna,do not you know?This map of Storm Island is also known as‘Jedi Challenge’,Its difficulty is the gun of glory108Tallest on the map,Because the battle in this picture took place on a wild island,There are swamp traps everywhere under your feet,The map time limit is ten minutes,A tornado in ten minutes will engulf the rectification map,Everyone has to finish。Not so muchPKIt’s better to say you are fighting against the natural environment,Not suitable at allPK……”Shunzi explained。
“my idol——What did the great leader, Grandpa Mao say??Fight with Heaven,Fight with the ground,Fight with people,A lot of fun。This picture sounds quite interesting!”Anna Cao said。
“Really perverted!Are women so perverted??”Zhang Song and Shunzi had an idea in their hearts,Two people see each other,Understand。
“Enter the game,How to do it?Front and back,YesWASDIs it?”Cao Anna asked。
“My goodness!Are you Xu Tian’s apprentice??How can you not even basic operations!”Zhang Song was surprised。
“My master didn’t teach me this,You guys tell me,I haven’t played for too long!”Cao Anna anxiously。
“Are you sure‘Too long’Did not play?Instead of never playing?”Zhang Song is almost crying,A straight,A big anna baby,Let him take two novices alone,How could I have hit the opposite side?‘Black wind mountain’The commander of the legion and his men……
“Surrender?Can’t beat!”Zhang Songdao。
“Haven’t hit,How do you know that you can’t beat?Although I don’t play this game much,But i watched3Professional team competition,I am against surrender!”Anna Cao said。
“All the way,See you soon,You two just run,Play peekaboo with them,Our only hope is to fight the end of the tornado,The big deal will die together!”